Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Astral Lovers by Dena Celeste

The room was dark and there was the scent of melted candle wax in the air. Jasmine’s altar glowed still, her pentacle surrounded by the low, flickering lights. Each element of importance to her was represented: Earth, air, fire and water, but also wood, silver, bronze and gold.

Jasmine lay on the bed, her body bare, her breathing slow and steady. The winds that were not winds swirled around the room and raised goosebumps down her spine. Her spirit lifted from the shell that contained it, her sleeping form connected to herself by a whisper-thin line.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” The presence of Thomas’s arms around her gave her shivers. On that plane, they could truly connect, truly be together again.

“I know. I’ve been waiting for the night to get here, and it took too long.” Jasmine turned and saw the sparkling blue gaze that had first caught her attention. His ash blond hair laid over his shoulders in shaggy waves.

“You cut your gorgeous hair! I sure hope someone is getting a nice wig full of those black locks.” Thomas grabbed her by her shorter curls and pulled her head back. His mouth fastened on her throat and his teeth edged into her almost to the point of pain.

She moaned and the world spun around her. “They are. You weren’t there anymore…it felt like I needed a change. It’ll grow back.”

He bit harder before letting her throat free. “I want it back by next Samhain love. No more chopping it off.”

“You left me though! And I didn’t think…didn’t think this would work.” His hand tightened in her hair and she let out a whimper. Her heart still ached.

“I didn’t leave you on purpose. But I said we would be each other’s forever, and I meant that. So no more cutting your hair off, even if you do look like a ravished pixie.” Her lips gave way under his and the kiss made her feel even lighter than she already was.

“Come with me,” he whispered into her mouth and she found herself literally whisked to another place, the strand connecting her to the living stretching more and more.

Stars flew by and they landed in an open room with a bed the size of a lake. Oddly, she could feel silk against her disembodied form, and his weight pressing her down into the plush bed.

“Where are we?” She turned her head from side to side to examine her surroundings when he latched onto her earlobe and sucked at it. Jasmine melted and tingles raced down her body.

“I made a place for us tonight. A beautiful place for us to be together.” Her cunt ached at the press of his erection against her soft belly. She knew just where she wanted that.

“It is beautiful. But I don’t care where we are. I just…I’ve missed you so much Tommy.” She rubbed her cheek against his surprisingly rough one. “It’s only been eight months.”

“I know love.” His hand grabbed for her curls again and her head was wrenched to the side. He licked lightly at the sensitive spot along the curve of her neck until the shivers were continuous and he finally, finally bit down again. She was so sensitive, so ready for him. His other hand traversed down, down until he could guide his cock into her, and slide perfectly into place.

Jasmine cried out. “So full! So fucking thick! Needed this.” She arched her back and tried to pull him deeper with her legs.

Thomas’s teeth sank even deeper, until she felt like she was breaking, and yet the pleasure overwhelmed any pain as he pulled out and then thrust back in. She scratched her nails hard down his back, determined to give him sharp in return for sharp, even as her soft pussy cradled him in a warm, slick embrace.

Her orgasm didn’t claim her yet though. It wouldn’t until he let her, until he said specifically that she could cum. He pulled away from her body and sat up, dragging her hips up as he knelt on the bed.

The new position hit her G-spot perfectly as he thrust hard, so hard that she felt like she would split apart. His fingers dug into her thighs and she struggled to remember her own name as the familiar feelings came back.

No longer numb from grief, no longer aching from loneliness, Jasmine was free to feel again, with her love above her and inside of her. His grunts were erotic music and he let go of her thighs to fall forward, full-weight onto her.

“You’re mine Jasmine. Mine!” He growled at her. His teeth sank into that same curve, and then let go to fasten briefly at the plump top of her breast.

“Yours. Yours, yours, yours,” she panted, her words disappeared into the silky hair that tickled her chest as his lips suckled one of her pert nipples before switching to the other.

“Gods, this is too much. I want you to cum, love. Cum so hard. Cum now!” The order thrummed and she lost further control. There was a familiar tingle at her tailbone, a desperate itch of pleasure at her cunt before insistent throbbing took over.

He leaned on his forearms, her face in the grip of his hands, and she looked up into his ocean-blue eyes. The love there was so intense it brought her to tears as much as the pleasure he brought her. He grimaced as he came inside of her, and she traced his lips with her tongue even as she dug her nails into his ass.

They lay there, joined in spirit and heart in ways that they had only begun to explore when he was alive. She kissed him, slowly, firmly. The room around them was blurry and she felt a tug at her bellybutton.

It can’t be over yet! There were tears on her cheeks and yet another ache in her chest as they whisked back to her bedroom. The candles on her altar had guttered and gone out. Their bodies were still twined above her bed, where her body lay.

“Don’t leave me yet.” Jasmine wrapped her arms around his neck and held on. But the darkest hour that night was fading already, and time passed so much faster while they were together.

Thomas stroked her hair, tugging at her curls. “It’ll get easier. And know that my heart is yours, no matter what. But try to be happier. I’ll see you again next Samhain.”

Jasmine shook her head fervently. “I don’t want it to be that far away. How can I get through without you?”

He kissed her firmly, then bit the place he’d marked on her shoulder once more, tight and tighter until the pain made her cry out. “Pain fades. Just know that I love you, and want you happy.”
He faded from her vision, and the pull at her bellybutton grew more insistent. Everything went dark. Her body felt cold and she blinked away the very real tears that were forming at the corners of her eyes. As she sat up, she realized that her shoulder ached fiercely.

She touched her fingers to it and felt a wetness there. “Blood? But how…?” She looked around the room again and up to where she last remembered being.

“Thank you for the mark. I’ll try to be happy,” she whispered, sure that even though he wasn’t visible to her, he could still hear her. She traced the ring of teeth marks with her finger and fell into sleep with a bittersweet smile on her face.

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