Thursday, October 29, 2009

Devilish Delight by Marie Bradley

Standing in the foyer area at the party, Kiley was a little nervous. What should she do? Her girlfriends had dressed her in this fabulous costume, brought her to this Halloween party and then promptly dumped her leaving her all alone. She did look incredibly good though. Thankfully she had been spending a lot of time at the gym lately getting toned up. Tonight she was Catwoman and the outfit certainly didn’t leave room to hide anything.
As she thought about her situation she started fuming. This always happens! Sarah and Jill are very spontaneous people and it seemed like she always got abandoned. Kiley was here to have fun but now she was wondering if she had enough nerve to cut loose like her friends. Catching sight of her reflection, she paused. Maybe she could transform just like Catwoman did in the movie. Her meek, mild, naïve self could become a bold, aggressive hellcat. No one here knew who she was so maybe it would be kind of fun to try it.
Kiley left the front area entering the party. Spooky Halloween noises drifted from hidden speakers and several musical selections blasted from the dance floor. To her right was a large variety of edible ghoulish treats. Back in the corner was a wet bar with tables and chairs scattered throughout the room. The costumes ranged from simple to very elaborate. There was a multitude of different kinds of outfits drifting around the crowd. She moved further into the mass and started walking around absorbing the atmosphere. It was nice to be unknown, she felt she could do things and no one would be able to point a finger at her later saying she did it.
She gathered food and drink moving around chatting to people gathered in small clusters. She even played at flirting with the men; really enjoying her anonymity. Intently trying to follow the rapid conversation coursing through the group, she heard a deep voice brush over her back.
“Would you like to dance?”
Standing very still she tried to figure out if she was imagining the voice. She held her breath for a few seconds and didn’t see anyone looking at her. Maybe the invitation wasn’t meant for her just something she had overheard. Kiley relaxed and concentrated on listening to the group conversation when she felt a finger graze around the top of her ear and heard the deep voice again.
“I really would like to dance with you.”
Kiley slowly turned around and came face to face with the devil. He was standing very close and she almost stepped back but stopped herself at the last second from giving up her space. He was tall and she had to tip her head back to look up at him. “Were you talking to me?”
“Yes, let’s dance,” he reached for her hand.
“I don’t know…” she started to protest as he captured her hand and pulled her to the dance floor.
“I’ve been watching you all night and I haven’t seen you dance yet.”
“I’m not that good at dancing.”
“We won’t know until we do it,” he smiled.
He wrapped his arms around her and started moving with her to the music. His hands gently caressed her back causing small shock waves to travel up and down her spine. These feelings were surprising but she decided it would be fine to enjoy them for a little while. Together they rocked and swayed brushing each other in extra sensitive erotic areas. Sexual tensions tightened around her chest sliding downward causing her breasts to tingle and tighten and a warm wet feeling to fill her most womanly spot. Her breath was getting heavy and she had lost all conscious thought of where she was. In this spell he was spinning around her, she became putty in his hands. He directed and she followed. A long way off she was aware of a fresh breeze but she was not able to untangle her thoughts to anything other than what he was doing to her.
When she heard the zipper, she stiffened for a brief second until his lips consumed her dragging her deeper into his world binding her to his sexual desire. She was hot and cold, shivering and breathless, aroused and so far gone her eyes were glazed and unfocused. Her body burned and stretched toward him wanting more. He lightly pinched and stroked her skin drawing her closer and closer to her climax. She couldn’t take anymore and started whimpering and begging him. He pushed her further along the path until she screamed and tightened through her sexual eruption. In her daze, Kiley could hear his delighted chuckle. “Come for me again,” floated his intoxicating words. She felt the stirrings deep in her belly as they clawed and gathered again making her wither and grab at him. His hand was quickly replaced by his hard pulsating shaft. His tempo increased as he slammed in and out of her getting faster and faster. She was teetering on the edge trying to wait for him. His breathing was ragged and then she felt the growl rumbling deep in his chest as he tightened and tensed for his ejaculation. The feel of his climax tipped her over the edge causing her to shiver from her toes to her head and back again as the strength of her orgasm hit her again. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her drowning her in a sea of sensation. She was having trouble breathing and she couldn’t move she was so drained.
Coolness fanned over her skin and she knew he was moving away from her. She was transfixed in this dream state and unable to move or talk. He stood towering over her depleted body sprawled on the ground. His eyes locked with hers sending a few more shivers through her body.
Fog drifted in around them. His black cape whipped up as he turned around and was gone. Kiley pulled herself together slowly, her limbs felt like lead. Redressed she returned to the party. Searching the room, she wanted to find him. Her devilish delight was nowhere to be seen. Wandering around the crowd engaging in small talk, she was carefully looking everywhere trying to catch a glance of him. She felt eyes watching and following her but she was unsuccessful in locating the source. She had never acted as carefree as she had these last couple of hours. She decided she had had enough for one night. Quietly she left for home.
Two weeks later the girls went out to the club for a girl’s night out. It was Kiley’s turn to get the drinks. Standing beside the table she reviewed the order requests with her friends. She heard a deep voice behind her.
“Would you like to dance?”
A shiver quivered up her spine as a ghost of a memory prickled her senses. Turning around she found a handsome tall man standing behind her wearing a devilish smile.
“I might have that dance if I know who I am dancing with,” Kiley smiled back. They walked off talking together leaving her friends sitting alone staring after her in surprise.

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