Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Vegas Halloween by Bob Rebel

Arriving in Vegas for my first vacation in over five years, I was determined to have the time of my life. Too much work was making this boy tired and lifeless. How lucky was I that they were having a masked Halloween Ball? Just what I needed to jump start my vacation.
Entering the Dunes grand ballroom, I stopped to let my eyes adjust to the dim lighting. Ghostly apparitions floated eerily through the air. Jack-o‘-lanterns grinned from every table. A thick, clammy fog hugged the floor. The dance floor was jammed with costumed party goers gyrating to the sound of Purple People Eaters. Smoothing the vest of my Captain Jack Sparrow costume, I sauntered inside, eager with anticipation.

There were witches, vampires, goblins and ghouls. Aliens, fairies, presidents and movie stars cavorted with each other. Casually glancing around the room for a dance partner, I saw her, a vision in red. She wore a low cut red dress that matched her long silky hair. The gossamer dress clung intimately to her slender body. A slit ran the length of her right shapely leg all the way up to her hip. Her back was bare down to the curve of her well formed derrière. When she turned, her face was hidden behind a red, feathered mask.

I watched in stunned awe as she worked her way through the room, nonchalantly dismissing every man who approached. It was like watching a panther on the prowl. She was looking for one man to be her prey that night and every man there obviously wanted to be devoured by her.
It took me a moment to realize she had stopped directly in front of me. Her ruby lips curled into a mischievous smiled as she took my scabbard in her hand. A wave of excitement jolted me when she began to seductively rub her hand up and down the scabbard’s shaft.

Her sculpted lips pursed as a soft purr rumbled in her throat. "Mmmm."
My mouth went dry as she led me out of the ballroom toward the elevators. Before the door closed she placed a finger to my lips and shook her head. No talking.

We got off on the twenty sixth floor and stopped at room 2669. How she could have possibly hidden anything inside that tight dress without it showing, I don't know, but she reached down between her two magnificent breasts and slid out the key card that would open the door to her room and what I hoped would be a night I would never forget.

The room was dark, the only light came from the full moon shinning through the open French doors. A hot, desert breeze turned the white curtains into eerie specters. A bottle of Champaign chilled in a bucket next to the king sized bed.

The sultry strains of Reveille's Bolero wafted through the air as she lead me to the bed and made me sit on the edge. After pouring me a glass of the sparkling wine, she backed away from me and began to slowly, erotically, sway her body to the music.

Seductive as a snake charmer, the bulge in my pants responded by straining against the leather for all it was worth. Sweat beaded my brow as my eyes followed her hypnotic hips. I gasped suddenly as one strap fell off of her creamy shoulder. I could tell she knew exactly what she was doing to me as her grin turned wicked, her tongue wetting her lips.

Turning away from me, she pealed one side of her dress half way down, then the other. Bending over, she wriggled the dress the rest of the way to the floor. All she was wearing now was a red thong, that evil grin and the feathered mask.

Straightening, she turned, arms crossed in front of her breasts and walked toward me. She took my glass from me and held it to her lips. Champaign trickled down her chin, between her full, firm breasts, across her flat abdomen and over her thong covered mound.

Kneeling down, she reached out to unbuckled my stiff belt. I started to rip off my shirt and vest only to have her stop me. Climbing onto the bed behind me, her hands snaked around me, sliding under my shirt, lightly rubbing my chest. Her touch sent shudders of pure ecstasy through my body.

Her breath, hot and sweet, on my neck as she licked my ear. She removed my shirt and oozed back off of the bed. She pushed me onto my back and took my zipper in her teeth, slowly pulling it down. After removing my boots, she pulled my pants off. I was naked and completely in her hands.

She slipped out of her thong, revealing a small, shaved patch of red hair in the shape of a heart.

She climbed on top, straddling me, positioning herself directly over my hard, throbbing erection. The heat of her skin was nothing compared to the furnace I felt as she took every inch of my length deep inside her.

She was hot, wet and very tight. She leaned close to my face, our lips fractions on an inch apart. Her sea green eyes sparkled, her perfume intoxicating. Her soft, supple lips touched mine for the briefest of moments, yet I felt an intense fire of passion run deep in my loins.

A moment later we kissed again, passionately, feverishly. Sitting back up, she began to rise and fall in tempo to the music. Slow, long strokes that made me fight for control not to end this too soon. If this was Heaven, I wanted to die.

The rhythm of the music increased and so did she.

Faster and faster she rode me.

My hands reached out and grabbed hold of her firm breasts.

Her swollen nipples were hard under my fingers.

Her body arched backward.

A guttural moan of pure pleasure tore from her throat as her body began to climax.

I felt the hot rush of her juices as I erupted in waves of agonized delight.

She collapsed on top of me, our bodies slick with sweat. When my breath finally returned, I gently disentangled myself from her and dressed. She lay curled up on the bed like a hot house flower settling in for the night. Her fantasy fulfilled, a smile of deep contentment played on her luscious lips.

I leaned over, kissed her tenderly on the cheek and quietly left her room. On the way down to my room I wondered if I would ever see that gorgeous creature again.

The End

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