Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Samhain Kiss by Tonya Callihan

Every Samhain he would visit, Shay knew it was only a matter of time. She counted down the minutes until midnight struck. For she knew her vampire would seek her out. For ten years, every since Shay had been 17, Drake would come to her on this night and after conversation he would kiss her and leave before sunrise.

“Why is it you can only come out of your coffin once a year? From legends vampires roam the nights, not just Halloween night.”

“Ah, yes. But you see, my dear, I am cursed.” Drake replied sitting across her in her darkened kitchen.

“How are you cursed?” Shay stood of her bed and walked to him.

“Back in 1692, during the Salem Witch Trials. Abigail, she was the love of my life, but she was a witch. She knew she would die so she cursed me. She didn’t want to share me with anyone else.”

“But she allowed you to be free one night a year.”

“Yes, she wanted me to live and suffer without her, because I would turn her into a vampire. She allows me this one night to feed.”

“That must be an awful way to live.”

“It’s not so bad,” Drake ran a cool finger down her arm. “It allows me to see you.”

Blushing Shay turned from him. If only he wanted more than a few minutes conversation and a kiss to do him for a year. If only he wanted her the way she craved him.

“What could break the curse?”

Drake crossed his arms and stared out her bedroom window. The moon was bright and full, with his hearing he could hear parties going on all over Salem.

“Drake please, I would like to know. I want to help you.”

“There is nothing you can do to help me.”

“You mean there is nothing at all to lift this curse from you?” Shay begged grabbing his arm. “There has to be something, anything.”

“Shay, let’s enjoy our time together. I want to make the most of the few hours I have with you each year. Someday you may not want me to return.”

Standing on her tiptoes she brushed her lips across his cool cheek. “That will never happen.” Shay promised before closing her mouth over his. Gasping she clung tighter to his body when his tongue entered her mouth. She could feel his cock pressing against her stomach. For ten years she had wanted him. “Please Drake, I need you.”

“You must know that if we make love it will be one step to breaking the curse.”

“What would be the next step?”

“For me to take your life.”

Gasping Shay pushed him away from her. “You have to kill me?” She trembled. “But I don’t want to die. I have a career and a family. I have obligations. I want to live.”

“Relax my love. You will become a vampire like me. You are my lifemate. We would be free to roam the nights together for all of eternity.”

Drake slowly brought her back into his arms and just held her for a few minutes to calm her nerves. After ten years she had to know he would never hurt her.

“You smell like peaches,” his thumb slowly traced the outside of her breasts before lowering his lips to hers. The kiss was slow and sweet.

“All you need is some whip cream then.” Shay spoke her mind still fuzzy from the kiss. She heard him groan then opened her eyes just in time to see his lips take hers again.

Shay wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her body tightly against his. His hands rubbed up her stomach over her breasts to frame her face, tilting her head to the left for a deeper kiss. “I’m sorry sugar,” Drake apologized. “But tonight, being her with you, I have no strength left.”

He whirled her up against her back door Shay quickly removed his jacket and shirt licking her lips as she ran her hands over his hard chest and stomach to the button on his jeans.

“Not so fast sugar, I want to taste you.” He pushed her hands above her head and began his assault again, this time kissing down her neck, her collarbone, then lowering her dress until it feel to the floor. Stepping back he let out a groan at the small red lace thong she was wearing. Then his mouth was on her breast again, while his free hand slid over her other breast, pulling on her nipple before lowering over her stomach to trace her belly button then the top of her thong. Shay’s breath shuddered, the door a hard pillow as she laid her head against it. He was so close to seeing how wet he made her and hot ready she was for him. “Please,” she begged when his hand found it’s way back to her breast.

He let go of her hands and smiled at her before kneeling in front of her and running kisses down her stomach. He quickly tore her thong off before running his tongue over the inside of her thigh. Her body quivered and burned for his touch. Her hand rested on his baldhead and urged him to taste her. “Please,” she begged again.

His gaze met hers as he slid a finger inside her, she bit her lip and closed her eyes. It had been too long since she had been touched.

“Mmm, sugar, you are so tight, so wet.” He said, his breath blowing against her aching body.

She squirmed as his lips closed over her. Drake raised her right leg on her shoulder to gain better access to her. His tongue slid between her pink folds as his fingers pumped in and out of her. His mouth closed over her clit and began to suck greedily. Shay let out a loud moan moving her hips with his fingers. Her body became tight, with one last pump of fingers Shay shuddered. She imagined she only remained standing because of Drake. Before she could get her breathing under control he had lifted her up and placed her on a small, round table and pressed his erection against her sensitive center.

“See what you do to me,” he grabbed her hand and placed it over the bulge in his pants. “I can’t wait to bury myself inside you.” He kissed her lips. “I want you screaming and begging for more.” He kissed the side of her neck.

“I want you inside me, please.” Shay squeezed his erection before unsnapping his jeans and pulling down the zipper.
In one swift move, Drake had his jeans around his ankles and her legs resting on his shoulders.

“What do you want Shay?” He asked rubbing the head of his dick against her clit.

“You. Inside. Me!” She begged. “Now!”

In one thrust Drake was buried inside Shay. “Now what do you want?”

“I want you to make me come.”

Drake groaned and then began to pump in and out of her. Shay could feel the tension start to build with each pump from Drake. She saw Drake’s eyes grow dark and bit her bottom lip. She felt his dick twitch inside her, he then placed his thumb over her clit and began to massage it. His rasping cry of pleasure was all it took for Shay to throw her head back and cry out with her own orgasm.

Moments later when she could breathe Shay asked the underlining question, “when and how do you turn me?”

“Next Samhain, my love. Only one more year and we will be together for all of eternity.”

With that he was gone.

The End

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